Sundance Stoves Works Inc.1976-1985


Sundance stove works. From the original investment of nine hundred dollars, in two hundred rented square feet, I started my California wood stove label and adventure, Sundance stove works. In five years it had grown to a strong, leading and trusted regional competitor, with a small but national stove owner/fan base, really didn't want to get any bigger. I had it to a nice pace/size for me to handle and still have fun doing my new stuff and inventing my new technology and lead doing it if you can.

There were mystery's on how to get the most out of the fuel, reduce the pollutants, style, safety and being user friendly, price and how to keep the glass clean, where the major tasks of the time. 

I had designed and put into production eight models, did challenging and exciting custom stuff. I was in the middle of the California wine country a special, but not a indigent place for me, but still my personally reflects in this work.

 Sending along a bottle of Sonoma county wine with there stove was fun and was soon emulated.

I had some good help and the folks loved my Sundance hand-crafted, built just for you wood stoves. Lots of work and another wonderful experience.

Was hoping I could do this one forever.

Ugene McCalligan ...............Master stove builder

Jerri Lynn

Silver Lady

Lisa Marie